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Cody Eberhardt - President

Founder and Partner Cody Eberhardt is a prime example of a businessman and community supporter. Cody started his career running field service back in 2011 and quickly advanced into management roles that consisted of running multi-million dollar operations across North America. Cody later moved from operations management into a sales management role where he was successful at presenting and closing hundred dollars to multi-million dollar contracts across the United States.


Cody founded a previous company HD Energy Services, LLC with a prior business partner back in 2016 with hopes of one day having successful growth as most would say “The American Dream”.
In the later part of 2018 into 2019, opportunities arose for HD Energy, which quickly expanded. In 2020, Pipetech Rentals, LP, acquired HD Energy Services, LLC. During the acquisition, Cody spent the next few months helping continue growth overseeing Operations, Marketing, and assisting in revenue growth where he played the role of General Manager. Cody later moved on to sell the remainder of his business shares to Pipetech Rentals, LP.

Cody and his wife Arista Eberhardt knew that the Lord had other plans for their family. Cody quickly envisioned creating a family-based, God-loving, and community-supportive company that offered a full turnkey service operation for the vast majority surpassing and advancing from the current competition.


Most know Cody as the “good ole boy”, there is no doubt founding Fallow had a vision of ensuring the company was built on Integrity, Stability, and Productivity.


“I want anyone that walks into our office and shop to know that they are walking into a family and not just another employer." – C. Eberhardt

Construction Site


We offer an end-to-end client experience that includes seamless communication, budgeting, staffing, on-site organization, and superb customer service every time. 

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